I am an expert and speaker in diabetic limb salvage and wound care management. My mission is to take an innovative approach to how I treat complex patients.

Years of Experience

What We Do Dr. Garten has over 10 years of extensive training in foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine, diabetic limb salvage, elective forefoot and rearfoot reconstruction and management of in-house patients with vast medical issues.

Professional Approach

What We Do When dealing with the complexities of patients, there are many factors that go into healing. Often turning to more advanced therapies can help, but it is also important to discover the additional barriers that may cause prolonged healing.

Speaking Expertise

What We Do Dr. Garten is passionate about speaking on the topics of diabetic limb salvage and wound care management. She has over six years of speaking experience and has spoken about trends in the podiatry profession in conferences and medical events nationally.

Now Accepting New Patients

Please contact DrGartenPodiatry@gmail.com for more information.

From The Blog

Overcoming The Challenges Of Offloading Neuropathic Plantar Foot Ulcers

We all have had the challenge of trying to determine the best way to offload patients who are either non-adherent or unable to have appropriate offloading. I have been treating a young male who has neuropathy and an undiagnosed neurologic disease. The left lower extremity with the plantar ulceration is the “good” foot. This extremity allows him to continue...

A Closer Look At Venous Insufficiency And Wound Healing In Women

The American Association for Women Podiatrists executive board members recently had a panel discussion on special considerations when it comes to surgery, biomechanics and wound care in the female patient. My topic was women and wound healing. When I initially approached this subject, I did not think I would find any significant differences between wound healing in women and...

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